One of My Top Design Tips : Adding A Touch of Whimsy

One of My Top Design Tips : Adding A Touch of Whimsy
Bianca Ecklund
Bianca Ecklund

Home is where the heart is, and what better way to make your living space truly yours than by infusing it with a touch of whimsy? Adding evenjust a few playful and unique elements to your home decor not only creates a vibrant and personalized atmosphere but also reflects your individuality. Let me help you explore creative ways to bring whimsy into your home with 5 simple ideas.  

bathroom with pretty salmon colored, textured tile wall

1 | Colorful Palette:

One of the easiest ways to introduce whimsy into your home is through a lively and colorful palette. Paint a bathroom vanity in a old color, add amazing, unique tile or even just accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and curtains. Playful colors can instantly uplift the mood of any room and set the stage for a whimsical atmosphere. 

2 | Out-Of-The-Box Furniture Or Fixtures

Choose furniture or light fixtures pieces that break away from the ordinary. Look for unique shapes, unconventional designs, or pieces with unexpected details. Consider thrift store finds or upcycled furniture for a one-of-a-kind touch. Mixing and matching different styles can also add an eclectic and whimsical vibe to your living space.

 3 | Whimsical Wall Art & Decor:

Let your walls tell a story with whimsical art pieces. Opt for quirky prints, and illustrations, or even create a gallery wall with a mix of your favorite eccentric pieces. Mirrors with unusual frames or unconventional shapes along with fun sculptures or decorative pieces canadd a touch of whimsy while enhancing the visual appeal of your space.  

bold navy and wite wall paper with bright art piece and cozy, textured chair

4 |  Playful Patterns or Textures:

Integrate playful patterns and/or interesting textures into your decor to create visual interest.  An easy way to do this is to add an interesting wallpaper. Patterned rugs, or adding a slat wood accent wall. Mixing and matching textiles can be an adventurous way to inject personality into your home while maintaining a cohesive look.

5 |  Nature-inspired Whimsy:

Bring the outdoors inside with nature-inspired whimsical elements. Incorporate plants, flowers, or botanical prints into your decor. Consider quirky planters or pots to add a playful touch to your greenery. Nature-inspired decor not only adds whimsy but also promotes a calming and refreshing atmosphere

I always try to encourage at leat a few elements of whimsy in all my projects. Often my clients and I agree those touches are some of our favorite parts. They also tend to get the most compliments from guests as well.


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