From Scissors to Swatches

Interior designer Bianca Ecklund in the in the South Bay of southern California  stand in doorway with blue shirt
Bianca Ecklund
Bianca Ecklund

Hello! I'm Bianca Ecklund, the Creative Director of Bianca Ecklund Design. If you're not familiar with my background, here's a quick peek into my journey and how I ventured into the world of interior design.

My career initially started in Manhattan Beach, where I worked as a hairdresser, dedicating six years to doing hair at Bob Roy Salon. However, after relocating to London for my husband's job, my passion for interior design was ignited. A few years later, we moved back to Southern California and I felt I needed a fresh chapter in my life. With a friend's encouragement and the unwavering support of my wonderful family, I took a leap of faith. Remarkably, within just a few days (with the help of another friend), I breathed life into a new business. Bianca Ecklund Design was born and ignited like wildfire, resulting in the most intense yet rewarding time of my professional life.

I'm incredibly fortunate to have an awesome team standing by my side – a team that feels like a second family. Together, we join forces to create stunning and unique spaces for our beloved clients.


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